Sunday, October 12, 2008

Losing your way....

Have you ever been lost? Whether it was physically, mentally or emotionally, you all know what I mean! Lost, according to is ---- "to let (oneself) become unable to find the way". Ok this post is gonna be pretty deep if you can tell and as of now this is by far the most important and typical post I have ever posted. Anyway, back to LOST! I did a little deep thinking today..... lots of deep thinking actually. I have gotten lost! Lost from everything that I wanted from photography. Here is the thing, I have been doing things with my photography lately that I outright never on Earth wanted to do! No offense to those great and talented potrait and studio photogs out there but I do not like to take photos of people. Let me add a side note in here before I go on... EXCEPT FOR MY FAMILY!!! Love you guys, didn't mean you Ha Ha! Anyway, I used to love I mean absolutely love to tote my camera around and catch images of things that I thought were interesting. Now, not so much! Why? I have turned myself into something I am not. I had a 35 mm Canon that my parents bought me that I loved and I had to work so hard to make a shot because I only had one chance to make it great. Now I point a big digital SLR Canon and take 14 shots and get one good one! Why? Because I lost the meaning. The meaning was how things looked through my eyes. I have gotten side tracked by taking photos I do not have any passion for. So to shorten things up because I know if you are reading this you definitly have better things to do than read my rants... I am going to find my way again! With this may come several changes! You may notice that my website name changes, my web address changes my email changes, and most of all my galleries change.... because I just want to be me! The real me has a deep love for the ART of photography. So if you ever stray away from who you are and want to find your way back, you can do it! Just go back to the begining and start over! Find the meaning and love behind what you lost and it will be yours again.
Leaving you with a quote to fit the occassion.
"Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you? ~Fanny Brice


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